Knox County Community Gardens & Growers Alliance

Community Gardens

Support your local community gardens to eliminate food insecurity, promote healthy eating habits, foster community involvement, and contribute to more sustainable, healthier, and beautiful neighborhoods.

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Food Distribution

We are committed to producing and distributing 25,000 lbs of fresh produce to food-insecure areas in Knox County by the end of 2025.

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Looking for a place to volunteer, make a difference, eliminate food insecurity, and get your hands dirty? Join the Alliance at our next volunteer opportunity and make a positive impact on our community.

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Looking for a community garden near you? Use our website’s search field to find local community gardens in your area.

Our Mission

To serve and support community gardens and growers in Knox County so that they can better address and eliminate food insecurity in our community.

How Accomplished

Our mission will be accomplished through 5 key pillars:


Create and manage an informative website and engage social media accounts; host and conduct educational conferences, classes, and workshops; coordinate and facilitate the entire growing process of planting, production, processing, harvesting, collection, and distribution, as well as communication, signage, and messaging; oversee composting facilities; coordinate waste and recovery of produce and  compost distribution; and collect and maintain data regarding same.


Help raise funds for our community gardens and growers; maintain a supply of tools and equipment and coordinate distribution of materials, such as fencing, raise beds, hoses, and drip irrigation systems; and provide mentorship, vision building, and growth opportunities for our members and other partners to ensure long-term sustainability.

3) HUB:

Establish and help maintain a community food and education center with a demonstration food forest garden in the food desert and food insecure areas (37914 and 37915), which will serve as a meeting and education hub. This center will also provide a walk-in cooler, freezer, storage, and co-working  and education space in collaboration and partnership with the Shora Foundation, Rooted East, our members and others in the community.


Create employment opportunities that promote sustainability, conservation, and land sovereignty. These opportunities include hiring part-time help from Austin East students and promoting entrepreneurship. We are committed to environmentally friendly practices and restoration that benefit the community and the environment.


Mobilize and educate volunteers and manage their contributions efficiently and effectively, including maintaining records of their work to support our mission.


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